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The fruit flavors play a big function in our Biohealth family as they provide pair distinct options for developing delicious tasting protein shakes. Even as you can just shake it up with water, this product goes extraordinarily well with all smoothie recipes. Masses of instances we find out the macros on smoothies are extraordinarily immoderate with reference to carb and fat content. With our ISO protein, we took that problem away and removed all the fats and carbohydrates! Now you have options to function all your favorite culmination and extras to make the first rate smoothies round!
Fun Flavors.

-Chocolate Peanut Butter
What if we suggested you that we made a flavor that tastes higher than a Reese’s peanut butter cup? Yeah we did that. Additionally, what if we cautioned you that we made a protein with actual caffeine that tastes same to Starbucks mocha? Nicely we did that too, however with this flavor we redefined the way people consumed protein. Consider having 22mg of caffeine without fats and no carbs however also the same brilliant Starbucks mocha taste? We would really like to introduce you to Mochaccino. Our especially coveted additives has swept the state in regards to humans tossing that espresso cup and grabbing a protein shake packed with over 28G of protein in line with scoop! We make sport changers and those flavors are clearly a number of them!
-Cookies and Cream
-Carmel Cookie Swirl
Our mixture flavors, while much like our ISO flavors, have a completely unique aggregate of notable tasting whey and Casein protein. The flavors, however, are on a few other degree, and with the aid of manner of any other degree, we mean on the same playing area as our ISO flavors.
The game Changers
-Peanut butter and jelly
We desired to deliver out flavors that would certainly smash a long way from the normal protein flavors. Even as sure, chocolate and vanilla will typically be family names, introducing a game-converting taste like churro brings a present day particular combination to your protein intake. Take candy and cinnamon and make it right into a shake for an entire new taste and flavor!
Whole meals flavors
-Cinnamon Apple Pie
-sweet potato pie
-Crumb Cake

Our complete meals meal replacer is our popular meal opportunity formulation that allows a person who isn’t capable of get all their meals in to make certain they're getting the proper macros at some point of the day. We made it a large deal that those flavors actually tasted like your whole meal. The last time we checked, having chocolate for breakfast wasn’t a few factor of the norm. Our entire meals are one in every of a kind on the subject of flavors and elements!
Almost about flavors Biohealth makes it a problem to ensure notable above everything else. We care about our flavors, our taste, and our customers.

Biohealth Protein Flavors

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